Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spring, we hardly knew ye

Summer is here. The temperature is 90, the humidity is 150%. The dogs have to stay inside. Ah well, that means we get to explore indoor activities for the kids for a while. Today we were invited to a tile painting for the new pediatric hospital opening up in August. (Another cool month.) I discovered my kids are burgeoning Picassos. The theme the hospital was going for was undersea creatures, so I dipped their fingers into the paint and touched them to the tiles, then I made the fingerprints into fish and stuff. I'm pretty sure I had more fun than anyone.

Here is Thomas' tile (taken with my phone because, naturally, I forgot my camera):

And Emmie's:

The tiles will be fired in a kiln and hung at the hospital as a permanent exhibit. I hope the only time we see the inside of that hospital is when we go look for our tiles.

Happy Saturday!

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Dana said...

What a really cool idea! You did a great job! Er, I mean, the kids did a great job!