Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pack mules

Ok, raise your hands if you've ever taken small children, plus all their stuff, to the beach. Uh-huh, ok, you can put your hands down. NOW, raise your hands if you've ever taken small children, plus all their stuff, to the beach TWICE. Yup. That's what I thought.

UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE is what it is. We loaded up the car this morning. Towels, the sun tent, chairs, the wagon, diapers, juice, change of clothes, hats (not that they keep them on), sunblock. We managed to cram it all in the back of my CRV and off to the beach we drove. Found a fabulous parking spot. Things are lookin' good!

Unloaded the towels, sun tent, wagon, diapers, juice, clothes, hats (still won't keep them on) sunblock. Put the kids in the wagon, added the pile of towels in the middle (they have to carry their share!) slung the sun tent over one shoulder, the bag with the diapers, clothes, juice etc. over the other shoulder, pointed out the two chairs to hubs to carry, paid the usurious fee to park and off we trundled to the beach.

The kids had a blast. Thomas played in the sand for all it was worth. Emmie crawled around, ate sand, found someone else's nasty soda straw full of sand to chew on. We took them down to the water to experience the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean (we'll try that again in, oh, maybe JULY). Then decided it was time to go. It was getting really hot and the kids were starting to get a little cranky.

So we loaded up. Towels, wagon, diapers, juice, clothes, hats (never worn), sunblock and the sun tent...oh, that sun tent. It's one of those pop-up things from One Step Ahead and it folds up into a tiny little bundle for easy transport. I love it and had actually practiced folding it up so it wouldn't be a hassle, but I had never practiced it while standing on a windy beach. I wrestled with that thing for 10 minutes; I'd get half of it under control and something would pop out on the other side, cracking me in the side of the head. The wind would take hold and blow me 100 yards down the beach while I held on for dear life. I'd whip one side up and into place and throw sand all over myself.

Here are the kids waiting patiently for me to STOP PLAYING WITH THE SUN TENT MAMA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??


We'll do it again soon, I promise. Right after I recover from this trip.

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Dana said...

Hm, it looks so innocent. That's at least what they want you to think! Congratulations for making it alive!