Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missing a limb

Thomas is staying with my parents this week. They adore him and he adores them right back. Thomas's time with them is what Hubs and I like to call Summer Camp. They keep him busier than any other 5 people could and it's all FUN. Boat rides, playing in the pool, strolls around the block, he gets to do it all. I'm pretty sure when I call to talk to him he's thinking "Mom? Mom who?"

Oh, how I miss him. I miss how he snores so loudly at night that I have to turn the monitor down to sleep. I miss his musical laugh that is SO easy to elicit just by saying words he finds funny. I miss his eruption of happiness whenever we turn a ceiling fan on. I sort of feel like I've lost an arm or a leg - I don't really know how to function well without it.

That's not to say I'm not enjoying having Emmie all alone. She and I have had buckets o' fun so far this week and this is the first she's been without her brother for any length of time. She's really too young to miss him, but it hurts my heart a little because she looks so lonely when she's sitting on the floor playing with her toys. She also seems bummed that she doesn't have anyone to steal toys from. In her mind, toys are just no fun if they aren't snatched away from someone else, which makes me pretty sure that Thomas is also thinking "Emerson? Emerson who?"

I am amazed at how easy one child is when you are used to two. One child to get up and ready in the morning, one naptime to schedule around, and especially no SCREAMING when one kid irritates the other. It's so quiet around here it's almost spooky. I crack up when I think about how hard I used to think one child was. How very BUSY I was. Laundry? You think I got LAUNDRY done today?

We get Thomas back on Sunday and our regular schedule will begin again. I'll have gotten totally lazy by then but I can't wait to squeeze him and mess up his crazy monkeyhair, then turn the ceiling fan on so he can scream with delight.

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Dana said...

I can sympathize with ya here. You think all you want is for them to go away and then you miss 'em. Go figure. ;) We always remember the good. Just ask my mom!