Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As if regular Spam isn't icky enough

The other day I was at my local grocery store - the one so close to my house that if I drove a stick-shift I wouldn't even get to 3rd gear before pulling into the parking lot. I love that store. Anyway, I am cruising down the aisle marked "canned meats, pasta, rice" and I see this:

I mean, what GENIUS decided to add cholesteral, nitrites and huge amounts of sodium to a product already loaded with these items? When I realized just what I was looking at my stomach did a backflip, jumped out of my abdominal cavity and ran down the aisle for the front doors. When I googled Spam for this post, I discovered actual Spam fan clubs. Books written by Spam fans. Websites devoted to Spam. Spamtastic!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There is really nothing funnier than watching kids and animals interact. The cats have learned to run from Emmie when they see her approaching. The dogs have learned that she usually tastes like FOOD. Thomas is still wary of Jake and Mason but they are so gentle with him that I don't worry. I have yet to get a good pic of Jake licking the remnants of Emmie's lunch off her face, but here are some cute shots of the kids and dogs together.

so what is the alternative?

Harris Teeter has replaced their plastic shopping carts with metal ones. This situation would not normally bother me, but this morning Emerson was in the seat of the new-style shopping cart and I had safely buckled her in like a good mom should. I knelt down to pick out 40 or 50 jars of baby food to feed said hungry child for the next few days and when I stood up she had turned around, gotten her whole bottom through one half of the seat and was about to hang herself on the "safety" belt. The leg holes of the new carts are HUGE. I'm considering duct taping her to the lower shelf of the cart next time we go shopping.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Emmie is Crawling

Ok, so I'm figuring out this whole "posting" thing. Sort of. Here is my second post in as many minutes...

Emmie is crawling. She thinks it is SO MUCH FUN. Thomas does not agree. She tackles him, pulls his hair, she's even taken out his prosthetic eye once, and since he can't get away from her he is sort of at her mercy. I'm thinking that this might be the push he needs to really start working on his walking skills. Here's a video of Emmie's mad new skills.

Pool Fun

We have spent tons of time outside this Spring. Last week it was really warm and I remembered that Thomas had received an inflatable pool for his birthday last year. What I didn't remember was how small it was...