Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing outside

It was a beautiful weekend and we spent every minute that we could outside. Thomas and Emerson are learning to play nicely together, but she still terrorizes him frequently and I have to referee.

GrandNana bought Thomas a swimming pool for his birthday and I'm happy to say, it's a little larger than the last one. Naturally, Jake wanted in on the action.

I underestimated the chilliness of the water. Before I knew it lips were blue and hypothermia had set in. Emerson had to splash constantly to stay warm. She really is a nut when she gets into water. She feels it is IMPERATIVE that she splash. Everyone must get wet! Dryness will not be tolerated!

A trip to the park was a necessity, and Emmie got to swing in the toddler swings for the first time. Thomas is a pro at this and would swing for as long as you push him.

Back at home, Emerson and Jake did some bonding. It cracks me up to see them together, mostly because his head is bigger than her whole body.

That's it for now - babies are waking up and there is fun to be had.

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Dana said...

I didn't know kids would ever learn to play with each other. You've given me hope!!