Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Boy and His Bear

No child has ever, in the history of creation, loved a stuffed animal the way Thomas loves Bartleby. I have no idea where I came up with that name, by the way, my brain just works in strange and wonderful ways. At naming time it was obviously just working in strange ways. At any rate, as soon as I spoke that name it stuck. Thomas's love for that bear is a pure, unadulterated love, the kind that only a child can have. Bartleby is worn-out. He smells funny. He looks like he was run over by a subway train and dragged along the third rail for a couple of miles. But Thomas loves him. Gazes upon him with adoration in his eyes. Mimi and GrandDan bought Thomas a New Bartleby at Christmas in preparation for Old Bartleby finally wearing out and going to teddy bear Heaven. We handed NB to Thomas along with OB. Thomas looked at each, kissed each, then gently laid NB down and hugged OB to his chest. I know what he was thinking. I will NEVER cheat on Bartleby. No matter how attractive or sweet-smelling the replacement is, I will remain FAITHFUL!

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Dana said...

That is soo sweet!