Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lazy day

Saturday was one of those days where nothing was planned but plenty was accomplished. Probably because both kids got up before 7:00 am. Hello? It's SATURDAY! Unfortunately, since neither child is in school yet the whole notion of Saturday morning is lost on them. Beh.

We played outside on the deck, we discovered that Emmie REALLY LOVES grilled cheese samiches, we went to swing in the park...ahh, the park. We started out thinking we would head down to the Episcopal (that's a really hard word to type, by the way) Church on the corner to try out their playground. Once we got there we discovered they had NO TODDLER SWINGS. The horror. After a moment of discussion we decided to hike up our big-boy pants and head to the park near the house. The park is really, really close, but you have to cross a very busy street with no proper crosswalk to get there. Chris timed the light (16 seconds) and decided we could do it. That's when we found out it takes 18 seconds to cross that intersection while wearing flip-flops and pushing a double-stroller full of kids.

Home again home again, safely and without being hit by a city bus.

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