Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Paparazzi

For my *gulp* 40th birthday, my sweet, sweet husband took me to the mountains for the weekend. We stayed in a cabin on the top of a hillside and played tourist, and because we were playing tourist he got me the Canon Rebel XSi and I managed to take over 400 photos. They are posted here.

Ok, seriously? I did take over 400 photos, but we were on vacation! And I deleted a bunch of them!

I cannot believe what priddy priddy pictures this camera takes. I'm going to have to buy a book to figure out how to use it properly but the automatic settings are so good that I sort of think Anselm Adams missed out on not being born during the digital age.


And here are the kids!

This blog is definitely in danger of turning into a photography blog with funny stories of my children interspersed. Hope you don't mind.

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Dana said...

You're right, what pretty pictures! Looks like an incredible vacation. Your kiddies have sure sprouted!!