Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does Starbucks sell these?

When we were in the mountains over Labor Day we visited a small tourist-trappy shop in Blowing Rock that had racks and racks of bumper stickers and they were FUNNY and some were DIRTY and actually had little pieces of cardboard in front of them with the words "adult content" printed on them so as not to sully the minds of the young people wandering the shop.

I took a picture of one that made me laugh out loud and got the stink-eye from the proprietress. I thought maybe she was thinking I was going to steal it or something so I said with a chuckle "I was just taking a picture."

"I know." Said she. "Please don't do that." What a frowny face she had! How offended she was!

Whoops. Who would have thought it was bad form to photograph a bumper sticker! I felt like a scolded child, but once we were back outside and I was over the embarrassment, I was all "I will SO be blogging this!"

And then I forgot about it until today. And I think that lady really could have used one of these.


manicmanicurist said...

HI there. I popped over here from allmediocre.
Your kids are so cute and you take wonderful pix with your new camera!
Happy Belated birthday, too! :)

ruffdiamond said...

I found your block through AllMediocre. I have to say, I love that picture, so I'm glad you took it despite the clerk's evil looks. Somedays I could use one of those lattes.

Dana said...

I love it!! I'll have to think of a way to link to this! ;)