Monday, September 22, 2008

And she's off!

After weeks of standing up and refusing to take a single step without holding onto something no matter what we tried to bribe her with or how encouragingly squeaky our voices got (into the range of only-dogs-can-hear-it is how squeaky they got) Emmie decided today that she is ok with walking. Now from all around the house you can hear step-step-step-thump-step-step-step-step-step-thump-step-step-step-step-step-step-pause-thump. It's fantastic.


Mike said...

That is awesome. So cute! Maddie is minutes/hours/days away from crawling. I kind of just stare at her all day just waiting.

Curious Potato said...

yay! I know you must be the
Emmie is adorable and I am glad to see now you'll be on the run. :o))

Dana said...

How awesome! Congrats!
Well, it's exciting until you realize how much fun a garbage can full of snotty tissues can be. Everything must now go up, up, up!