Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Revolving Door

Thomas has 4 therapists visit him every week. Yup, four people coming in and out, and in and out, and in and out of my home to work with my child. I used to feel the need to straighten up, maybe sweep the floor, even change out of my pajamas before any of them showed up. It was the hostess in me. "Can I offer you some tea? Anything to eat? How's your Mom?"

No longer. Now they are lucky if I've brushed my teeth before they get here. The first therapist of the week actually comes at the godawful, still peeling my eyes open time of 8:00 am Monday mornings. When I made the first appointment she offered to come at 7:30 but I didn't think I wanted her to be the first person awake in our house on Mondays. Unless she'd also start the coffeemaker and let the dogs out to pee.

Now, we mustn't forget to add in the CNA that comes 4 mornings a week. I LOOOOOVE her, by the way. I've started the paperwork to adopt her. Don't tell her parents.

Plus there's the housekeeper that comes in two afternoons a week to make sure we don't die of dust inhalation or whatever awful disease it is that's spread by dog hair going unvacuumed for months.

It's a revolving door at my house and it drives me crazy. Completely, brains-falling-out-my-head nutso.

Until they all had the week off because Thomas was staying with my parents. Then I got lonely. Monday was ok - Emerson and I slept in. We headed out to Target to buy stuff we didn't need. We took a nap - YAY for naps! We lazed around on the deck and then made new playlists for Mommy's iPod. It was a sleepy, do-nothing kind of day.

By Thursday I was twitchy from lack of company. When Hubs got home I talked so much he wanted to pull his ears off and stick them in his pocket until he went back to work the next day. I went to the grocery store every day just to chat with the check-out lady. I was excited to see the housekeeper.

Jeez, I thought, I need to get some friends that aren't paid to be here. I mean, I have friends. REALLY! I do. I just don't see them as often as I do Kelly, Anne, Pam, Seth and Brenna.

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Dana said...

Boredom is definitely a hazard of the mommy-trade...