Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eye see you

Sigh. It finally happened. The thing I used to joke about when Thomas first got his prosthetic eye.

We were at Target. My Mecca. My Reason for Being. Thomas was in the cart and Emmie was in the seat up front. BECAUSE, if I put Emmie in the cart she starts climbing out and I am SO not a fan of head injuries. I figured that Emmie in the seat, with a seatbelt, was the choice that would keep Child Protective Services from visiting. However, I discovered that Thomas in the cart unsupervised is also not a good idea.

We wandered through the ladies' clothing section and OK! I was checking out the junior department because I refuse to admit I'm too old for those clothes and theyaresodarnCUTE! and had just moved out into the main aisle to head over to the baby gear. Yeah, I don't buy clothes for myself, but baby gear? Someone hang onto my credit card, I'm about to go crazy.

I hear a *click*. I look around the cart wondering what I had dropped.

And there it is. Thomas's fake eye looking up at me from the floor.

Can you imagine the scene if this had happened on the carpeted section? I wouldn't have heard it drop. We would have been halfway across the store before he turned to look at me at which point I would have totally lost my shit and started retracing my steps to find it. Fake eyes don't come cheap, people.

And then, the announcement over the intercom. "Target shoppers, please take a moment to look around you. A prosthetic eye has been lost. If you find a prosthetic eye please don't scream, just kindly pick it up and bring it to Customer Service."

No, I definitely do not ever want to be the reason behind THAT little drama.


Dana said...

Yowsa! How did that happen!?

Oh, yes. Target. *sigh*

Backpacking Dad said...

That would be beyond awesome.