Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hubs took the dogs for a walk last night. Since it was after dark and the vision of a large man walking two large dogs is, in his mind, not enough of a deterrent to muggers on its own, he took the canister of pepper spray.

We bought the pepper spray for our 100 pound babysitter to carry when she takes the kids for a walk.

About 10 minutes after he got back he started complaining about his forehead burning. Then one of his ears was burning.

"Honey," I say, "You have pepper spray on your face. What did you do? Test it?"

"No! It can't be pepper spray! How would it get on my face?"

"Are you sure you didn't test it?"

"Well, I just flipped up the trigger guard to figure out which way would be most effective for spraying, and then I put my finger like this and Really! I didn't press that hard!"

I mean, seriously?

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