Monday, April 28, 2008

Emmie is Crawling

Ok, so I'm figuring out this whole "posting" thing. Sort of. Here is my second post in as many minutes...

Emmie is crawling. She thinks it is SO MUCH FUN. Thomas does not agree. She tackles him, pulls his hair, she's even taken out his prosthetic eye once, and since he can't get away from her he is sort of at her mercy. I'm thinking that this might be the push he needs to really start working on his walking skills. Here's a video of Emmie's mad new skills.



Dana said...

I guess you have the opposite problem that I do. My older keeps pushing, hitting, spitting on and kicking my younger. Why do I even bother to tell him to stop? In one ear, out the other.

Dana said...

P.S. You figured out this blogging thing way faster than I did. In the beginning, everything I wrote was mushed into one long, unorganized post. Good for you!