Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing Could Be Finer

Whew. It's so NICE to have all the election brouhaha behind us, isn't it? I love being able to watch TV without being bombarded by political ads and I discovered that CNN actually has stuff to talk about other than Sarah Palin and her wardrobe. Oh, and it's football season.

How'd you like that segue?

Hubs and I went to the Carolina homecoming football game this weekend. (For those of you reading this from South Carolina I mean the REAL Carolina. The one in Chapel Hill.) This is Hubs' alma mater and I swear every time we are on campus he tells me the same stories and relates the same factoids about the school.

Hubs - "This is the oldest building on campus and..."

Me - " used to be the entire school, all right here in one brick structure."

Hubs - "Have I told you this before?"

Me - *

We had front row seats in the endzone for this game and I have NO idea how that happened, but I swear if we said it once we said it 100 times "I cannot BELIEVE how good these seats are!" I actually was distracted from the game by the fact that we could see the players. That we were not in the nosebleed section trying to figure out which of the tiny bugs on the field were Carolina guys.

While Carolina football is awesome and getting even better with their new coach, Carolina basketball is what we live for in the Fall. So when a really, really tall dude in a suit walked by on the track right in front of us I paused. Then I saw another one stepping down from the bleachers.

"It's the basketball team! Look!" I started snapping photos like a paparazza on crack. They filed in front of us and grouped together behind the endzone obviously waiting for some sort of ceremony at half-time.

Then, He appeared.

I punched Hubs in the arm. "Hon LOOK! It's Roy Williams!"


"Right there!"


"Right THERE!"


"Right. Damn. There. If I say it any louder he's going to hear me."

And while former basketball head coach Dean Smith will always be a god to Carolina fans, Roy Williams is the son of that god. I had to physically restrain my husband to keep him from hurdling over the shrubs in front of us and flinging himself at Roy's feet.

The good guys won and Hubs was happy. I got to leave the game in the 3rd quarter to go shopping so I was happy. It was a perfect day at Carolina.

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Dana said...

I've never heard of the South vs North Carolina thing... You should explain it to me!

I'm not as tactful as you when my husband starts telling me something he's told me SOOOO many times before. Seriously, how can they not remember??